Long Periods of High Quality Sleep in the Early Stages of Life Are Absolutely Essential for the Optimum Human Development that Leads to a Disease Free Healthy Aduldhood

Soothe Your Baby Secrets

Dear Parent,

Ensuring your baby’s relaxation and sleep is probably one of the greatest gifts you can give him/her.

Everything from obesity to drug addiction can be the result of bad sleeping habits in early life – and everything from healthy life choices to a fully developed human body can be linked to good sleeping habits!

The importance of high quality sleep cannot be stressed enough.

Unfortunately, however, this has become an increasingly challenging task in a modern world full of noise and chaos that babies are just not yet ready for. They’re used to calm and comfort of the mother’s womb – and when they’re suddenly exposed to a world of sound pollution – they begin to get stressed and uncomfortable.

The Comfort of the Womb vs The Noisy World

Imagine the silence and comfort late night at an empty beach – with a light breeze…close your eyes for a moment and imagine the peace and comfort of that environment…now when you’re back imagine you were suddenly taken out of that peace and placed at the front of a 18 wheeler truck’s horn. Wouldn't that shake you up? Would you be able to sleep comfortably?

That is exactly what your baby is experiencing – the safest and most peaceful place it has ever known…the mother’s womb…and then into a chaotic world. Sure the new world is an essential learning and stimulating experience for your baby….but that is only when he/she is awake and fascinated with what is around his/her cute little self.

Not when he/she is trying to relax and get the sleep so essentially required for growth….

The Human Body Grows In Its Sleep

If you’ve ever tried weight lifting or any form of exercise or sport…for the first few days you usually wake up the next day with aching muscles – ever wonder why that happens?

It is because your body was sent a signal that the previous muscles were insufficient for your requirements…and during your sleep your body decided to heal and grow the affected muscles. That is because the body only can grow at its required pace when it is completely relaxed in sleep mode.

16 Hours of Sleep!

This is precisely why babies are required to sleep up to 16 hours a day in their initial few months....And If your baby isn’t relaxed and sleeping well…then he/she is not growing!

The ideal growth environment at this age would be exposure to the world during the hours that a baby is awake and back to the safety and comfort of the womb when its resting time.

Now that’s possible with a click of a button with the

Slumber Sounds Baby Sleep Audios:

Completely Natural Sounds that cut out all the noise and create an environment that replicates the womb experience – instantly relaxing your baby – eliminating stress through soothing sounds of nature.

This clinically proven technique has helped babies calm down and go to sleep in as little as 2 minutes!

Here are just some of the benefits of the Slumber Sound System:

All packaged together in an organized folder that is literally a click away!

And if you’re still not convinced….despite slumber-sounds having worked for over 94 out of a 100 times.

Priceless Product

Most parents won’t be able to put a price on their baby reaching his/her full growth potential…they won’t be able to put a price on helping their baby relax and alleviate pain…most will be ready to offer all they have…if it means their baby will get the best environment for optimum growth in the crucial initial stages of life.

So take action now, continue to step 2 …and in a few minutes from now…your baby will feel at home again.

John Stepan

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